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From: GuyetSueR@aol.com

After reading some articles about the inauguration from different U.S. 
papers, and finding them all so predictible, Iv'e decided to share with you, 
my day in front of the Palace.
I posted myself early at 8.00am. at the fence right in front of the grand 
stand. There I met many Haïtians who had slept right there on the sidewalk, 
so as to have a place of choice when Aristide came. 
I spent all my time there, talking to all about the significance of the day 
or being accosted by many who would explain to me in different ways the 
importance of the event for them. All said they placed all their hopes in 
Titid, how he would make their lives better and things like "After God there 
is Titid". A gang of small street kids came right to me only to tell me that 
from now on Titid would take care of them.
I finally left my spot at the fence, after a rumor went around that Titid was 
finally in the Palace . At that very moment there was a rush for the fence by 
all the people in back of us. This crush of people being a little to much for 
me, having already thoroughly roasted under the hot sun, I thought it better 
for me to just walk around Champ-deMars   and soak in this incredible 
carnival atmosphere while taking pictures. Some people actually approched me 
asking that I take their picture. I explained that I could'nt very well give 
them the pictures later, which is what I usually do, but they said that just 
knowing that they had their pictures taken on this great day was enough for 
them. RaRa bands and big bands on floats kept that sea of people happy. I 
have to say here, that I never saw a reporter anywere outside the fence, even 
though many on the Palace lawn seemed not to know what to do while waiting 
for Aristide. 
I finally left Champ-de-Mars at 2.30pm. knowing that I had observed something 
very special. 
It was strange that all of the big U.S. networks had nothing on the 
inauguration, could this be explained by the lack of bombs or blood in the 
Guy Renaud