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6985: Re: The Inauguration (#6973) (fwd)

From: persevere@infospacemail.com

>The New President
>By Eugene Seagraves
>PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Rooters) -

I'm curious: who is "Eugene Seagraves", and what news service is "Rooters"  (It's certainly not "Reuters".)

>There was never a public bus service 

I don't know, but I recall seeing big blue/white lots-of-big-windows buses going up and down Route Panamericaine years ago.

>To see the wonderful improvements at the airport and 
>the roads to the airport; to look at the Champs de >Mars today...more beautiful than ever, and drive on 
>the many improved roads, does show that some things 
>have been done.

Airport improvements have been ongoing for years and years.  The Champs de Mars was greatly improved during the 1970's - 1980's.  Compare roads from the 1960's to the 1970's and 1980's ... they were greatly improved.  I wonder who Mr. Seagraves is implying improved them and what that has to do with what.

>There was never an official organization which had as
>its intention that of feeding, healing, directing and >helping those who needed help 

>Aristide did not build his "palatial 
>home" in Tabarre; Antoine Izmery did! Aristide does 
>not live "opulent" life-style ... had appeared 
>frequently in public

I'm wondering on what basis Mr. Seagraves makes these statements.  I watched as Aristide's Tabarre home was being built.  Seems pretty opulent - particularly on a comparative basis - to me.  Aristide did appear frequently in public ... back in the 1980's ... Surely from Mr. Seagrave's name, he is not Haitian and does not live in Haiti.    

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