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7014: Re: 6999: Fanmi Lavalas Govt Plan: The Policies (fwd)

From: Moibibi@aol.com

>  6999:  Fanmi Lavalas Govt Plan:  The Policies

My thanks to MKarshan for keeping us informed.

I had to read the twenty pages outlining President Aristide's plans for Haiti 
to find the name of vodou (non capitalized) mentioned just a single time. It 

"The country two languages as well as vodou constitute strong signs of this 
(sic) people's ability to break its chains and reach the heights of 
creation." (post 6999, the Policies)

When Vodoun is reduced to signs or to a sign related to the French language 
that is still ignored by at least 85% of our population, to me, it is 
ignoring the fundamentals and the soul of the population that President 
Aristide pretends to love so much and to care for. 

It, probably, explains why, in the passage entitled  

"The Organization's (capitalized) policy in this sector revolves around the 
following axis:"

 Vodoun was never mentioned again. Nevertheless, as an optimist person, I 
could consider the second point as addressed to Vodoun.

"2. The conservation, protection and valorization of the patrimony and 
cultural traditions;"

I see such an "axis" in 2001, at the beginning of a new government, as the 
same political attitude that prevailed under the Duvalier's regimes. Vodoun 
was seen as our folklore, it was never to be considered as a religion;  it 
was just our patrimony! Those words had to be employed to please our 
benefactors, Haiti could not be seen as a country were Vodoun was recognized 
and I am deeply saddened at the idea that there is nothing new at the 

Benin, from whom we got an important part of our tradition, has recognized 
Vodoun as their religion. Vodoun is represented in their parliament. Do we 
still look upon the countries of Africa as countries of savages? Whatever! In 
Haiti, we, Vodouists,  are still segregated to the back seat of our tap-taps. 
The Haitian government is still ashamed of who the majority of the Haitian 
people are. 

In reality, Vodoun is the religion of the Haitian people, the system of 
creeds that gives the country its identity. What do we have to be so ashamed 
of? Vodou never started any war to convert anyone, Vodoun has existed for 
milleniums and it teaches its initiates to be proud of whom they are, it 
teaches moral values, it provides natural medicine to the sick that cannot 
afford modern medicine and much more. What is wrong with that?

As long as Vodouists are not recognized within their religion, are denied 
existence in their own country and fundamental human rights, democracy 
remains a vain word.

Bébé Pierre Louis