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7018: Accomodations Help in Haiti (fwd)

From: Dotie Joseph <dotiej@hotmail.com>

Please contact Horace directly at the email address below


I am planning to go to Haiti for five weeks during the summer to conduct
some research for y senior project. I plan on doing a  comparative study of
the underlying institutions of Haitian  and Jamaican transnationalism. I
plan on doing most of my research in Port-Au-Prince and I intend on doing
interviews with Government and business officials, surveys of people in
Port-Au-Prince and research in libraries.
I obviously have no problems with accommodations in Jamaica or New York but
I was wondering if you could help me on the Port-Au-Prince side.  Thank you
for your assistance.

I need to do some preliminary research for my project ad I was wondering if
there were any god book son Aristide and Lavalas that I could read to get
some meaningful idea of Haiti's history in the last decade or so. Thank you
for your help in the past and I look forward to your response.

Horace C Grant TD '02
Suite 1616, 345 Temple Street
New Haven
CT 06520-2204

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