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7012: Univ. Of OK to Return to Haiti (fwd)

From: qret6394 <pharris@ou.edu>

I am very pleased to announce that students from the Universityof
Oklahoma will be returning to Haiti through a course I will teach
entitled "The Haitian Experience 2001", and is a part of the
African/African American Studies Program here.No doubt Richard Morse is
smiling at this and wondering if I am indeed a glutton for punishment
:-) Well I probably am but that is no matter. I will be bringing six
students this time and we will be staying in Lakou Dereal, located near
Limonad, and will attend the festivities in Plan du Nord and Limonad
honoring Ogou. Lakou Dereal also puts on their own festival and students
will get to be a part of that. The trip is planned for 15 July-31 July
and is worth three credit hours. One of my students who made the first
trip (Tony) will be returning to finish up a project in which we will
install a wind generator that will provide 24 hour electrification for
the community. He developed a proposal as a part of his project for the
first trip and it is coming along nicely.If anyone out there is
interested in this technology you can email him directly at
tgiustozzi@ou.edu. He would love to field inquiries. Also if anyone is
interested in the course I will teach in Haiti you can contact me off
the list. Both of my classes on Haiti here at OU this semester are
full...35 students per class with a weekend seminar planned for
April...after I  PASS my general exams. That's all the news from
Soonerland for now.
Patti K. Harris
University of Oklahoma