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7042: Re: #7027: Re: 7014: Re: 6999: Govt Plan: on Vodou (fwd)

From: Moibibi@aol.com

To LaKat,

Your desire to see Vodouists in Haiti remain "free while staying outside of 
the mainstream" is the story of the country. Probably, it is also the basic 
cause of our interminable underdevelopment. 

The time calls for all Haitians to participate actively in the affairs of 
their country if we want to speak of democracy. The world has long understood 
that there should not be taxation without representation. To have 
representation, any segment of any society must have recognition. Whatever is 
done without them is always done against them.

The Catholic clergy receives monthly paycheck from the Haitian Government. 
The Protestants receive theirs from their own country and are very often 
helped by USIS (for instance check the Adventist Mission and MEBSH). 
Furthermore Protestants enjoy special customs exemptions. It is normal, both 
Catholics and Protestants are represented in the government, they don't even 
have to fight for their rights.

Vodouists do not get help from anyone, they only receive the blames, they are 
never recognized for the work they do. They never had any say in any 

I am sure, dear Lakat, that it is not what you wish for any Haitian.

Bébé PL