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7037: Re: 7021: Air travel between Port-au-Prince and Santo-Domingo (fwd)

From: Martha O'Brien <mobfa1@scotus.francis.edu>

I would also be interested in information on air travel between Santo 
Domingo and Port-au-Prince.

Additionally, I would be interested in information about the bus 
service between the two cities--where you get the bus in Santo 
Domingo, where it drops you in Port-au-Prince, schedules, cost, 
necessity of reservation, phone number and/or e-mail, how feasible 
it is to fly to Santo Domingo and get the bus to Port-au-Prince on 
the same day and vice versa (obviously dependent on when flights 
arrive/leave, I realize), ease or difficulty of finding accommodations 
in Santo Domingo if necessary, etc.  Any information--especially 
from people who have taken this bus--would be greatly appreciated.