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7051: Next NYC Corbett list gathering, Thursday, Feb. 22,2001 (fwd)

From: "Horwitz, Charles" <USDCH1@labor.state.ny.us>

The second monthly NYC Corbett Haiti list social gathering is set for 6 pm,
Thursday, Feb. 22, 2001 at the Natl. Council for Haitian Rights, 275 7th
Avenue, 17th floor at 26th street. All Corbetters and friends are welcome.
Please bring some food or drink to share. Tom Driver, Anne Fuller and Merrie
Archer will lead a discussion on recent developments in Haiti since the
elections and inauguration. About 15 folks attended our last meeting. The
discussion begins at 6:45. Please contact chorwitz@earhtlink.net if you have
a question.