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7046: Re: 6992: land reform (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

With all due respect,

I really think that Mark's comments regarding land reform in Haiti is 
irrelevant, especially when he wrote that it is "a basic feature of 
liberation theology and Aristide has long been associated with this brand of 

If Doctor Gill is curious enough to give a look at Haiti's history, he would 
easily notice the strong historical connection that exist, since its very 
beginning as a nation (1804), between the country and land reform.  Many 
Haiti historians agree to reveal that Dessalines, the Founder of our Haitian 
nation, was exactly killed because of the land reform he initiated in the 
country soon after independence. There was no influence of whatsoever 
liberation theology, and not even Aristide's great-grandfather was born yet.

When it comes to land reform and Haiti, this country's history can be so 
vivid and revealing a guide that we should not let ourselves be blinded by 
any sort of anti-aristidism.

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