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7071: Re: 7037: Re: 7021: Air travel between Port-au-Prince and Santo-Domingo (fwd)

From: John Fiorenza <johnfiorenza@hotmail.com>

I have taken the Caribe Tours bus twice.  It costs about $50 round trip.  It 
leaves from the Caribe Tours building in Petionville early in the morning 
and arrives in Santo Domingo about midday.  It takes about 4-5 hours.  The 
terminal in Santo Domingo is a pretty large. You can always find a taxi 
there.  It is two blocks north of the U.S. embassy.  It is in a zone with 
lots of government buildings.  It is about a 30 min walk to the Colonial 
Zone from the terminal. The bus is usually almost completely empty.  You 
will not need a reservation.  The bus leaves for port-au-prince at midday 
and arrives in the late afternoon or early evening.

It is not a problem to fly into or out of Santo Domingo and take a bus to 
Port-au-Prince.  I have done this once.  The taxi ride between the airport 
and the Caribe Tours terminal in Santo Domingo took about 30 min and cost 

John Fiorenza

>From: Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu>
>To: Haiti mailing list <haiti@lists.webster.edu>
>Subject: 7037: Re: 7021:  Air travel between Port-au-Prince and 
>Santo-Domingo (fwd)
>Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 00:33:59 -0600 (CST)
>From: Martha O'Brien <mobfa1@scotus.francis.edu>
>I would also be interested in information on air travel between Santo
>Domingo and Port-au-Prince.
>Additionally, I would be interested in information about the bus
>service between the two cities--where you get the bus in Santo
>Domingo, where it drops you in Port-au-Prince, schedules, cost,
>necessity of reservation, phone number and/or e-mail, how feasible
>it is to fly to Santo Domingo and get the bus to Port-au-Prince on
>the same day and vice versa (obviously dependent on when flights
>arrive/leave, I realize), ease or difficulty of finding accommodations
>in Santo Domingo if necessary, etc.  Any information--especially
>from people who have taken this bus--would be greatly appreciated.

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