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7078: Haiti Solidarity Week 2001 (fwd)

From: Haiti Reborn <haiti@quixote.org>

Haiti Solidarity Week 4 - 11, 2001

Yon Nouvo Syek pou Yon Nouvo Ayiti
A New Century for A New Haiti

Haiti Solidarity Week information packets are available! As in the past,
packets include background information and action suggestions. This year
we have also included Haiti newsletters from west coast, east coast and
Haitian organizations. Each year we work to compile a comprehensive
collection of updated news and information on Haiti. These orientation
packets have been used by individuals and organizations as they
participate in a week of coordinated events and celebration of
solidarity with Haiti. Now they are being ordered throughout the year by
groups looking to orient their constituencies on the situation, and the
history being made in Haiti. The background information, with an updated
historical chronology, is accompanied by brief overviews of neo-liberal
policies and their effects on Haiti in practical terms. Topics include
structural adjustment, alternative development and privatization.

The action resources this year include a campaign from the Center for
Economic Justice called the Boycott World Bank Bonds Campaign, a labor
rights urgent action for the employees of the Electricity Company of
Haiti, and a call for letters to Congress in support of Haiti's

Two new videos are available!
"Haiti: Harvest of Hope" is a documentary capturing the events around
Aristide's first election win, the ensuing coup, and Aristide's return
in 1994. This film is an important tool for those of us trying to gain
context around issues of outrageous injustice, and to spread the word of
these injustices by showing the lives that are actually affected. "Out
of Sight Out of Mind: Our Outcast Youth" is the extraordinary story of
deported youth, through interviews with three Haitian men, produced by
Chans Altenativ/Alternative Chance.

Suggested donations for the packets are $10.00. They can be ordered on
the web by visiting www.quixote.org/haiti, making a donation and listing
"HSW Packet" in the notes. You may also make a request via e-mail at
haiti@quixote.org, or by calling 301/699-0042.

Celebrate a new century and a new Haiti with us!