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7085: Re: 7056: land reform (fwd)

From: Joanne Kaufman <joanne_jake_@hotmail.com>

I've watched the land reform discussion wavering, but have to jump in since 
I worked for Christian Peacemaker Teams, the organization whose 
documentation of land reform was just cited. I guess I'm glad to see CPT's 
work cited; however, I am surprised no Haitians or other folks, groups, or 
organizations with real facts and understandings from Haiti "en dehors" have 
comments to make.  No USAID studies? No United Nations studies?

I know that there's plenty of tension around land and land reform; another 
team I worked on in Haiti worked in the North, not the Artibonite where this 
team was located.  They had thoughts about allegedly huge landholdings of 
the church. . .

I'd be curious to know what _Haitian_ (or other, more recent) research and 
reflection has been done on the land reform process; know what progress has 
been made, etc.

Joanne "Jake" Kaufman
CPT Reservist in Boulder, CO

PS: If anyone lives in the area, I'd love to practice Kreyol once in a 
while!  joanne_jake_@hotmail.com

From: Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu>
To: Haiti mailing list <haiti@lists.webster.edu>
Subject: 7056:  land reform (fwd)
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 12:33:59 -0600 (CST)

From: mark gill <doctorgill@clas.net>


this link is but one example of the land reform issue in Haiti........it
gives indication that the issue was persued under Preval...............

being labeled "anti-Aristide" suggests that the author of that post is
perhaps not aware of the land reform issue currently underway in

m gill

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