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7088: Association de gnalogie d'Hati update

From: gilles hudicourt <hudic@videotron.ca>  

Our database of Haitian 19th century civil registers (births, weddings,
divorces and deaths) located at www.agh.qc.ca  was done yesterday. It now
contains 12,258 acts from 1797 to 1819 and 69,113 names.  An inventory of
database is located at http://www.agh.qc.ca/inventaire.htm
We are still looking for sponsors and members to help us continue this
until all 19th century civil registers of Haiti are entered into this
 Already some of the registers found, such as the Port-au-Prince birth

of 1816 was deteriorated to a point it is unreadable and its contents
lost.    Others, such as the 1808 birth register was only parti