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7093: News Release (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Fwd. by archim
     Alternative Water Company
     by Eugene Seagraves
     Port-au-Prince, Haiti, February 16, 2001  The newly-appointed director 
     of the newly-created Haitien Alternative Water Company, Mr. Dodolo, 
     has issued the following statement:
        "In an effort to improve the water situation in Haiti, A.W.A.S.H 
     (acronymn for Alternative Water and Sewage dept. of Haiti), has 
     decided to provide potable water on alternative days and sewage 
     disposal on other alternative days. This is being done by the 
     newly-created Alternative Government to show the people that there 
     *are* alternatives. Please check your local pipes to insure that they 
     are functioning properly. AWASH will advise the population as to the 
     times and days of the water distribution and the sewage disposal in 
     order that there be no confusion. This will be done as soon as the 
     proper committees agree on the dates. Additionally, in order to 
     maintain a satisfactory and inexpensive operation, AWASH will utilize 
     the same pipes for both services."
                        J. Dodolo
                        Director AWASH