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7101: Barbancourt rum (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur <charlesarthur@hotmail.com>

Keywords: Rum, Barbancourt

extract from Journal of Commerce 04/14/1999

Haitian-born Thierry Gardere says U.S. and European rum connoisseurs cannot 
get enough of his company's prized Rhum Barbancourt. In fact, says Mr. 
Gardere, annual production has nearly doubled from 85,000 cases in 1993 -- 
at the height of an Organization of American States-led embargo of Haiti -- 
to around 165,000 cases last year. "We are the only producer of rum for 7.5 
million Haitians, but we don't sell to more than 200,000 people here," says 
Mr. Gardere, the distillery's director-general. "Most people in Haiti drink 
a rough rum known as Clairin, which isn't sold in bottles but in barrels. 
Locally, our competition is not rum, but rather whisky and gin, and that's 
sold on the black market."


Source:  Journal of Commerce
Date:  04/14/1999

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