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7134: Morse/Dorce (fwd)

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

Dear Kathy,
That's a fair question, "who do I support?". I support the people's 
democratic choice, who in this case happens to be Aristide and perhaps 80% of 
the parliament. However, I don't support him taking his crooked path. Just 
because he has a public mandate doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants. He 
can't go around using standard dictatorial methods to run the country. Its 
time to put all of that behind. Stop with the "ti zorey" politics. If he is 
associated with certain crimes that have been attributed to him I hope he's 
exposed, as a lesson to the next democratic choice of the people. Though he 
has been quite charismatic and successful with his charisma, he has done very 
little in attracting partners to help Haiti get out of its current political, 
economic turmoil. Its hard to get partners when you have bad track record of 
holding your end of the bargain.
As far as alternatives are concerned,  you often can't find an alternative 
until the one you're replacing has been removed. That may sound a bit severe 
but its what I've learned working here in Haiti. If I want a new chef de 
cuisine, I have to fire my current one first. If I want a new bass player for 
my band, I have to fire the current one first, thats when the options become 
obvious. It doesn't take great leadership to keep Haiti at 80% unemployment, 
70% illiteracy and environmentally diasterous, it takes great leadership to 
lead Haiti out of these predicaments. I haven't seen any signs of great 
leadership during my years here. I've seen popular leaders, but not great 
By the way, I'm not a rebel musician, I'm just a musician, a hotelier and a 
family man, right here in Port-au-Prince. I'm not rebelling against anything. 
I went out on a limb for Aristide and I going to go out on a limb to make 
sure it doesn't become  "The Aristide Show". I want the "8 Million Haitians 
Show". If he wants to be part of the "8 Million Haitians Show" I recomend he 
get in line real quick. Thats just some friendly advice.
Richard Morse