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7141: CARICOM response to President Aristide's speech/request (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

Press release 37/2001

(16 February 2001) 

Statement on the Caribbean Community's Relations with Haiti issued at the 
conclusion of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean 
Community, St. Michael, Barbados, 

16 February 2001

The Conference:

Having engaged in deep and wide-ranging exchange of views with His Excellency 
Jean-Bertrand Aristide, newly-elected President of Haiti on political 
developments in that country;

Having been assured by His Excellency of his commitment to take such action, 
as lies within his authority, to address certain concerns arising from the 21 
May 2000 elections, especially regarding the election of Senators, and, 
having also been assured of his determination to establish a new Conseil 
Electoral Provisoire (CEP);

Determined that expanding the economic and social opportunities available to 
the Haitian people in their own country would reduce the incentive for so 
many to seek improved economic prospects abroad, often at great peril, and 
would instead contribute to the growth and development of Haiti;

Reiterated their commitment to supporting the building and strengthening of 
democratic institutions as a basis for economic and social development;

Emphasised to His Excellency the necessity for Haiti to adhere, as is 
required of all Community Member States, to the Charter of Civil Society, and 
in keeping with Haiti's undertaking as a condition of its Terms of Accession 
to the Caribbean Community;

Agreed at the invitation of President Aristide, to explore the possibility of 
a joint CARICOM/International Mission to Haiti to help set in train and 
facilitate implementation of the various undertakings to which the President 
had given his commitment;

Decided to establish a CARICOM Office in Haiti at the earliest possible 
opportunity, and to foster contacts at all levels between the citizens of 
Haiti and the people of the Caribbean Community.

Bridgetown, Barbados
February 16, 2001