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7138: 15 year old Barbancourt, Reserv du Domain (fwd)

From: Jedidiah@lyalls.net

I am pleased that people have been able to find
Reserve du Domain in the US. I have only seen it
at the PauP airport when leaving the country.
I bought three bottles last October when leaving
the country. One bottle went to my girlfriend.
A low life friend of hers drank up 2/3 of the bottle
while crashing at the house one day.

He could only find trois etoille to replace it with.
Three star tastes like kerosene after Reserve du Domain.
Sometimes three star purchased within Haiti tastes like
Kerosene even on a good day. They put out bad batches
occasionally I have heard, and that is released to the
domestic market.
Jedidiah Daudi Lyall