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7150: Proper Haitian recipes needed (fwd)

From: Demon internet <gray@powerwiz.demon.co.uk>

My English born & bred son is staying in Haiti, I rang him the other day
He said he was fine no problems, apart from the very big spiders at the
Fine, don't bother with any pictures...(and I know in the next letter there
will be
 a Big daddy of a spider will be leering at me. ugh)
Anyhow  I must have done something right  in raising him  because  he wailed
Mum. DO I MISS your cooking?????
Can you send some recipes,  that are QUICK & easy, involve eggs and don't
waste a lot of fuel.... or take too much time because sometimes the electric
goes 'off'.   I had to chuckle, went he said send some HOT curry powder and
English Moutard  out to him
So here I am  &  luckily I kept  the Dijon's Dijon's and Soup Jemou recipes
but I really need one of the Corbetters to help us out here.
It has to be stuff that he can buy Au Marchet in Haiti and not
canned/packeted stateside ingredients
I have trawled the web but as usual not a lot...on Haitian cooking
thanks UK Linne