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7158: Need Info Again (fwd)

From: qret6394 <pharris@ou.edu>

Dear List Members:
Does anyone have any information about flights/airlines that operate
between Fort Lauderdale/Miami and Cap Haitian? I am planning on taking
students from th University of OK (see previous post) this summer and
want to skip the road trip from P-a-P to the Cap if possible since we
will be staying in the Limonad area. I have heard that there are flights
from Opa Locka and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood but do not know the names
of these carriers. If anyone has any information please contact me
offline at pharris@ou.edu. In addition my student Tony has been
inundated with emails about the wind generated energy project we are
working on for Lakou DeReal. He really has his hands full at the moment
and has asked me to field any questions list members may have in that
regard. We appreciate all the interest our recent and planned trips have
generated from list members.
Patti K. Harris
University of Oklahoma