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7154: pigs and privatization (fwd)

From: Jedidiah <his_voidness@yahoo.com>

In my three weeks in country this time I have recieved
new insights into two of those perenial contoversies,
pigs and privatization.

First, about pigs. Last October when visiting I met
with Doc Phillip, who wrote the study on the porcine
eradication program which Papa Corbett refered us to
last fall. I doubt that many of us read it.
He ( Phillip Gardiere ) told me in October that well
meaning blan had imported new populations of
"creole pigs" from Jamaica to interbreed with those
awful Amerikan pigs. As it happens, those Jamaican
pigs were a reservoir for porcine cholera, which
was thereby introduced into the new pig population.
Last week I had a personal introduction to the effects
of the thoughtfully introduced porcine cholera. 
Mwen sister Telisean bought a piglet a few months
ago after I sent her some money. She is a good
businesswoman, and wanted to make some investements
with the money rather than spend it all on televisions
and new clothes. She had told me earlier of her plans
to raise a pig. In one season a pig could be fattened
and sold for a good profit.

The pig died. Choking to death in its own vomit
from hog cholera. Teli says that St Marc has no
vaccine for this pig disease. She asked. Only rabies
vaccine for dogs is available at the public health
or the veterinarian. Or maybe there is no private
vet, I'm not sure.

So, there you go. Those awful Amerikan pigs whose only
virtue was absence from disease and fast growth, have
turned into a tropical disease reservoir impoverishing
those unlucky farmers who do not get an immune piglet.


St Marc now has kouran prive'. A private company is
allowed to buy current from EDH and resell it.
The private company takes the responsibility for 
putting up poles and wires and meters and collecting
charges from customers while fending off the ti gason
who market stolen electricity. 

So, EDH is privatizing everything to do with expanding
the market, as in, serving new customers.

The pep la seem to heartily approve. They hate EDH
as much as they hate Teleco.

Oh, I saw a "poster" painted on a wall in Okap the
other day outside the futbal stadium.
It said "Tout moun se moun, Respekte ,lavi, Respekte
la Lwa"
I saw another motto of a similar type yesterday but
did not write it down.
Both of these posters had what appeared to be acronyms
at the bottom. One was OCODE and the other may be UCD.
Are these congregational organizations of voudousaint?

J David Lyall,
AKA His Voidness, or Soy Devoid

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