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7161: Re: 7158: Need Info Again (fwd)

From: Pierre Jean <pierrejean01@yahoo.com>

There are a few ways you can fly from Fort Lauderdale
to Cap-Haitien:

1. Lynx Air provides a direct flight on 19-seat
turbo-prop airplanes 4 times a week I believe. The
tickets are rather expensive, the flight is very long
(more than 3 hours) and there is no restroom on board.
Luggage allowance is limited. Also, please note that
Lynx's flight are NON-SCHEDULED flights (i.e. charter
flights.) Some life insurance policies do NOT cover
non-scheduled flights.

URL: www.lynxair.com

2. If you have to fly from Oklahoma, a cheaper
alternative (I think!) is to fly to Port-au-Prince on
American Airlines and then go to the domestic terminal
(aka Aerogare) and catch a Tropical Airways or
Caribintair flight. Make sure you strike a deal with
the Chauffeurs-Guides for the ride to the Domestic
Terminal. It is very short but can cost $20 if you are
not aware. Fair price is no more than $10/person, or
$7/person for a group.

Tropical Airways offers 5 flights a day to Cap-Haitien
and is my preferred carrier when traveling within
Haiti. Service is not super but it is extremely
reliable and more "professional" than the other
carrier. They provide service on 19-seat turboprop
airplanes. They are a SCHEDULED carrier, despite their
small size.

URL: www.tropical-haiti.com

3. Caribintair has 3 or 4 flights a day to Cap-Haitien
on 14- or 19-seater airplanes. There is a controversy
regarding whether they are a SCHEDULED carrier. You
may want to check with the Haitian Civil Aviation or
the Washington embassy. I flew them once but was not

URL: www.caribintair.com

4. Air d'Ayiti is a recent newcomer on the domestic
routes, but I do NOT recommend flying on Air d'Ayiti.
They are unreliable, and I just do not trust their
set-up. I would rather walk to Cap than fly on Air

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