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7171: Tafia's meaning and other Haitian drinks (fwd)

From: Nlbo@aol.com

In response to 7133, tafia is synonymous to alcoholic drinks. A haitian who 
is an alcoholic is called a tafiatè. 
While on the subject of rum, it seems that Corbetteers don't know or have 
forgotten about other native drinks that can be very tasty also. Likè and 
kremas are the traditional haitian home made alcoholic beverages.
 I am also thinking of those in the category of "tranpe". They are usually 
some fruit or herbs or cinnamon sticks  "soaked" or mixed in some sort of 
clairin. Some of the names are M, selebride, asorosi, kraze kabann, grenadia. 
 There are the fancy ones like the "Tacha" brand that one finds in the 
supermarkets. I found  the ones in the market places or the home made ones  
even better. 
I don't know if I have to apologize for changing the subject regarding 
Haitian politics. As we say in Creole,'pawòl politisyen se pawol tafya, se 
pawòl van." With this in mind, I think it is Okay to literarily speak about '