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7192: News extracts DR press on Haiti-Dominican Rep. (fwd)

From: Yacine Khelladi <yacine@yacine.net>

> extratcs from http://www.dr1.com
> DR1 Daily News -- Friday, 9 February 2001
> 8. Lottery Mafia is today worse than before, says Mazourka
> The Listin Diario sent Asela Maria Lamarche to Haiti to report on
> people in that country on occasion of the inaugural of Jean Bertrand
> Aristide. One of those she chose to interview was Haitian Frederick
> Mazourka, who lives among the wealthy of Haiti. Mazourka was
> questioned for his association to a group of Dominicans for corruption
> in the National Lottery during a Balaguer administration. Mazourka
> told the Listin that he left the country not because he wanted to
> evade justice, but because he was sent to escape so he wouldn't talk.
> He said he would be willing to return to the DR if President Hipolito
> Mejia would ensure him a fair trial. The Haitian is a
> telecommunication businessman who also owns a doors and windows
> factory in Haiti.
> He told the Listin Diario that now the Mafia within the National
> Lottery is worse.

Thu, 01 Feb 2001

7. Mission to study frontier limits
The Ministry of Foreign Relations has instructed a new commission to
study the installation of the missing small piles that have marked the
frontier between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. With the years,
most of these have disappeared. Commission members are Jose B.
Gautier, Wenceslao Guerrero Pou, William Perez Piantini, Salvador
Bienvenido Brower, Ignacio Caraballo, and the director of the Military
Cartographic Institute. The commission will report to the Ministry its
findings within 45 days. 
The Ministry of Foreign Relations says that the markers will respect
limits established by the 1929 and 1936 treaties signed with Haiti.