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7197: Re: 7181: Chercher la vie-Looking for Life screening-4/14 (fwd)

From: inp.ry@ci.kk.dk

I warmly recommend Chercher la Vie. If you miss the screening, 
you can purchase a video copy of the film for 500U$ through 
ambercine@compuserve.com. It is worth it!

The pots referred to by Tequila are made in La Saline, and the 
beautiful landscapes are from around Furcy. The great market 
scenes are from la Croix des Bossales.

The film has won international acclaim and has just been presented 
at a film festival in Burkina Faso. I think that what contributes to 
the very special atmosphere in the film is the fact that Claudette 
Coulanges herself is Haitian - and a woman. She sits quietly in a 
La Saline kitchen, asking the woman (Sorry, I forget the name) a 
few questions about the food she is preparing, and you are just 
_there_. It is a very unpretentious and fascinating film.