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7200: Re: 7196: Lauture & House- POST ANONYMOUSLY (fwd)


I applaud Gilles Hudicourt and any other person on this
list that has the courage to criticize Gladys LAUTURE

As for the person who wrote post 7196, I have a few
questions for him/her. When was the last time he was in
Haiti and what does he really know about the reality of
politics down there? Ms. Lauture is not the first or the
last person who will exercise influence on the man in the
National palace, operating in the shadows. There are many
others as in any other country.

We have had many discussions on the list, there has been a
lot of name calling, specially of President Aristide. Now
one of the Lavalas power broker's  name is mentioned  and
all you have to say is do not make accusations without

The anonymous author of post 7175 has stated facts that I
am sure many on this list can verify by their contacts and
access to certain people. But Ms. Lauture is someone to
reckon with.

It will remain to be seen how many people will be willing
to come forward ON THIS LIST under their names or
anonymously and start discussing real facts as she is
concerned for fear of repercussions.

This list did not say anything about the purchase of a
house for Mr. Preval, even temporarily. When it comes to
ideology, people on this list have a lot say. When it comes
facts and real issues, I do not see so many people entering
the debate.

Post 7175 is a real touchy subject.