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7204: Re: 7199: Re: Gladys Lauture (fwd)

From: Moibibi@aol.com

"I have never quite understood why President Aristide
and his close allies would allow Lauture to penetrate
the Lavalas movement as much as she did. "

Precisely because she was a "confidante"  of Michelle B. Duvalier who had 
helped her financially to establish her "pharmacy". President Aristide who 
didn't know any better, for having only knowned the Duvalier's regimes must 
have felt that he had to know the inside story.

For what I know and everybody else knows, this lady is BIG, has made a 
fortune and is denied by her own sibblings, except, of course, Aliboron...

If my head is cut there will be a good explanation, at least!