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7206: About # 7199: Gladys Lauture

Re:  # 7199:  Gladys Lauture

Mr Corbett -- Please post this anonymously.  Thanks.

I think Corbetteers should know that the spate
of attacks on Mrs Lauture is probably linked
to the battle going on between her and 
the people in Tabarre. So maybe we should 
take some of what is said with a pinch of salt. 
Mrs Lauture is complaining that Aristide and 
his wife do not listen to her any more and that 
they are in too many business deals.

This is reminiscent of the struggle between
old Mrs Duvalier (Simone) and the new one 
(Michèle) post-1980 and even between 
Mrs Lauture and other powerful women 
around President Aristide over the years.

However the new justice minister (Garry 
Lissade) and minister of Haitians living abroad 
Leslie Voltaire) are both close to Mrs Lauture, 
so the outcome is not yet clear.

Let us hope all this does not bring the house
down to the detriment of the millions of  
Haitians who do not have the luxury of living 
it up in the hills above Port-au-Prince.