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7228: More on Lauture

Posted anonomysly

>more -- on the line in the discussion about Mrs. Lauture's role in the
>Lavalas regime.  

On all this talk about Lauture, Lavalas, and the power brokers of Haiti; I
am curious how United States politics plays into it.  I have also read on
this list that the CIA partially financed the coup, now I read that the
boujwa in Haiti financed it as well.  I often hear from Haitians on the
street, how powerless they often feel about their own government because of
the involvement of the U.S. in all their own nations doings.  I've even
heard Haitians say they feel hopeless to stand up and take control of things
again as they did in the revolution because of the looming presence of the
U.S. who they know will swoop down and crush any resistance for the people
as they did when they joined hands with the Haitian boujwa to form a coup
against Aristide.

What I wonder is if anyone can speak to this issue, as to the fact (or
possibility) that these power brokers like Lauture are in cahoots with U.S.
power brokers and that is why the international community and the media seem
to be setting Haiti up for another coup.  What are the connections?  How
does this all play itself out in maintaining the status quo (something like
5% owning 90% of the resources in Haiti)?  Are the Haitians right in saying
the boujwa and the Haitian power brokers would never be able to keep the
people down if it weren't for their connections with those in power in the
U.S. and the fact that the U.S. media are little more than patsies that play
out any fictitious senario fed to them to the purpose of keeping the power
in the hands of boujwa, making the rich richer, the poor poorer and coloring
the perceptions of the international community to benefit the same?

And on that note, what is Lauture's connection with the United States, if any?

Another Anonymous

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