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7231: Re: 7228: More on Lauture - anomymous response (fwd)

Anonymously, please.

<< On all this talk about Lauture, Lavalas, and the power brokers of Haiti; I
am curious how United States politics plays into it.  I have also read on
this list that the CIA partially financed the coup... >>

CIA always has its mitts in the midst of things like coup-d'etats and such. 
This is what CIA is. This is what CIA does. Let's not be naive about it.  
Just like in that tale about the scorpion and the frog crossing the river 
(frog helping the scorpion), and the scorpion stinging the frog at the end, 
then saying "I am a scorpion and this is my nature."  

What I am really not clear on is the following: while Haiti begs for the much 
needed economic relief from the U.S. (and the CARICOM, and the Europeans, and 
anyone else who will listen), at the same time it seems to resent the strings 
attached. You can't have it both ways. Either you are self-sufficient and 
don't need anyone's handout (and the  meddling that comes with it), or you 
are in a dire need of help, in which case you keep your end of the bargain, 
even if you have to swallow your pride to do so.  I would appreciate anyone 
on this list to enlighten me on this particular issue.