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7239: Fwd: 7207: Haitian Street Kids, Inc.- Translation (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

I am sure there are other versions proposed as a Creole translation of the 
submitted biblical exerpt.  The one proposed here is not intended to correct 
any of those already posted or to be posted, as there is no "perfect" 
translation per se but the one that carries most accurately [and 
idiomatically] the message intended.


>Dear List Members,
>I would appreciate it very much, if one of you who
>is a native Haitian Creole speaker, could have the
>time to offer us an actual translation of this
Family Circle Boys Home

Haitian Street Kids, Inc.

Ou pa gen dwa maltrete pyès timoun san papa.
Si w ta manke fè sa yon mànyè kèlkonk,
e si yo ta leve vwa yo ban mwen sou sa,
Mwen pa p manke pa tande kri yo;
Lè sa a je m ap krache dife kòlè,
e m ap touye nou ofildelepe;
Manman pitit nou gen pou vin vèv,
Epi pitit nou gen pou viv san papa.[Roody]

Egzòd, 23. 22

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