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7241: Re: 7236: Defending Lauture (fwd)

From: patrick sylvain <sylvaipa@hotmail.com>

It seems to me that this person who is defending Mrs. Lauture is obviously 
an American, more than likely white and unquestionanbly someone who has no 
real notion of the depth of poverty, nor the history of Haiti.  Although, a 
patriach society, exploitation has been rampant and conducted by many women 
in haiti.  As a matter of fact, many of the so-called "powerfull men" in 
haiti, they have always been supported, advised and sometimes dictated by 
women.  so the issue of gender control or gender power as it relates to 
Haiti and its state of deprivation and extreme poverty is utterly irrelevant 
(keep in mind, though, that gender injustice is very real in Haiti and women 
do suffer a lot both in the private and public realms)  ...Furthermore, if 
you do not know who Gladys Lauture is, do not even attempt on defending her 
or the thousands of Haitian like her who are sucking the country dry.

Pretty soon we are going to celebrate our 200th anniversary of independence, 
yet and unfortunately, from politics to economics we are not independent.  
As I have written and said many times, we are neither capitalists nor 
liberalists (in the real sense of the terms), our market economy is an 
auto-feeder, a living organism without consciousness. To best understand the 
Darwinian theory, Haiti is a natural laboratory for such a study.  Hence, 
what is at play here is another element of this auto-feeding mechanism which 
Lauture is a part of.  Those Haitians, maybe better to say US HAITIANS, we 
are a bunch of "malprope."  We refuse to pick up our dignity and left-over 
pride to really rescue our dying country.   We'd rather travel to the 
Dominican Republic or the other Caribbean Islands for our shopping or 
vacationing, we'd rather go to Florida for our medical care instead of 
building better hospitals.   This is not about Aristide or Lauture and all 
of the other players who are sinking their teeth into the skeleton of dying 
Haiti, it is about introspection and truth.  It is about justice and perhaps 
the start of a small process whereby Haitians will accept haiti as their 
country, as their future, as a place like any other places where people 
deserve to live like human beings.   There is nothing wrong in making money 
when it is legal, but there is something wrong in becoming billionaires in 
the absent of .COM and industrial investments.   Between 1996 and 2000 there 
were 300 (three hundred) new millionaires in Haiti.  All from the .COCAINE 
and the sell of Arms.

So, please, do not bring the women element in this context.  There are too 
many Haitian women who are honest, intelligent, powerful and who are not 
blood-bathing in the country's wealth.

Please, those of you who are insiders, start speaking the truth against 
corruptions, death-squads and all other form of illegalities that are 
systematically dragging the country further into the abyss.

By the way, what ever happened to "transparence"?

Democratically and in hope for a better future,