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7244: re: 7238 (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

        Gary Pierre-Pierre makes at least one error in his posting 
     regarding the ability of Mr. Arsitide to govern Haiti. That error is a 
     point he makes regarding the US President Bush *not* sending anyone to 
     represent him at the recent inauguration of President Aristide. The US 
     Ambassador to Haiti was present at that inauguration. When an 
     ambassador is present at an official governmental function in another 
     country, he *IS*  the representative of his country. Whether 
     Ambassador Curran was sent with a letter by President Bush, or not, he 
     still was there, and wherever he goes he is representing the USA and 
     its president; that's the job of an ambassador...and the very meaning 
     of the word.
       So, it appears to me...and to the majority of others with whom I 
     have spoken, that the USA was represented, and the one doing the 
     representing was the US Ambassador to Haiti.
            archim (In  Haiti)