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7260: Re: a plea for tolerance and appreciation (#7247) (fwd)

From: amedard@gte.net

> I argue that we are very different people on this list, with
> different
> interests and different personalities and talents that there
> are MANY ways
> in which Haiti and Haitians may be advanced not just one
> 'RIGHT' way.  Why
> must we be so authoritarian about this?

First, I am thankful to Bob for all of his efforts in making this
discussion group a continuing reality and for his attempts to
keep the atmosphere as pleasant as possible while still allowing
freedom of speech.

Second, I wholeheartedly agree with Bob.  In fact, one thing I
have remarked about the list during the past, oh, about 8 months,
is that it has too often become an emotional, opinionated,
sarcastic, non-academic and even bitter, jabbing atmosphere.

I have been a group member for about 5 years now.   The group
used to be more intellectually oriented.  Even though people did
not always agree, they were able to disagree in a respectful and
respectable manner.  Even with vastly differing opinions, members
were still cohesive.  It was much more pleasant, intellectual and
educational then.

A newer member recently commented to me that much of the
discussion is "very slanderous", "pointed" and "tense".  This
person even went on to say, "The tension in this forum is like
the one back home. Most of us left home because of such an
environment. Why then are we reproducing it here?"  I must say
that I tend to agree.

Unfortunately, the actions of a handful of group members (those
participating and/or perpetuating such a confrontational,
critical, "jabbing", sarcastic atmosphere) are not a good
reflection on any of the 900+ of us, or on Haiti and Haitian
society.  It only drives away those who might be of help in the

A. Médard