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7263: Vodou/Scholars/Morse

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

Vodou priests and manbos haven't always chosen their trade. Sometimes its 
their duty or calling. A scholar may think its his or her choice to go
vodou but it may be the choice of "Sa'n pa we yo" (Those we don't see). If 
"vodou" wanted a hougan to stop being a hougan or a scholar to stop 
reseaching vodou, they would probably do just that, stop. If vodou wants
spread to academia or the internet or the radio or tv, it will do just
How's that for a perspective? Re-imbursement to a hougan or a community
just details. How about the scholar's investment to spread the word. Time 
spent doing research, plane tickets, hotel rooms, grant applications, 
convincing the boss that it's a worthwhile project, writing books, etc.,
Richard Morse