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7265: Guess who (fwd)

Please post anonymously.  Info offered by a non-member outraged by the 
unfairness of the negativism and misinformation she has heard occurs on this 

Curriculum Vitae
Guess Who?

Sex:    Female
Birth:  Born in Haiti in the 1930â??s of in an old Haitian family with strong 
Christian and charitable traditions

Temperament: strong-will, authoritarian, combative, generous, faithful, 
outstanding capacity to get work done, sometimes society-lady, sometimes 
down-to earth to the point of vulgarity.

Education:  Degree from Institut Pasteur in France
â?? Her Brilliant marketing of her business caused jealous competitors to 
attempt boycotts and negative publicity.
â?? Creation of several other lucrative businesses which gave her the means to 
engage in charity.
â?? Social non-profit activities and large financial contributions to charity 
and to several male and female religious congregations: financing of housing 
for young Christian couples, free professional services to street children, 
psychological support to at-risk couples, other logistic support to other 
non-clerical groups.  Creation and management of an organization currently 
feeding 1000 (one thousand) aids patients daily in Haiti.
â?? Her long charitable history with the catholic church has made her close to 
the current power structure as she is well-known for her efficiency, 
generosity, and care for the public good.
Those who have written about her on this list must have already recognized 
who she is.
None other than Gladys Lauture