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7267: student traveling to Haiti seeks advice (fwd)

From: Miriam Neptune <newneptune@hotmail.com>

Hello friends. I am sending this post on behalf of my friend. She is a grad 
student at Kennedy School in Cambridge, studying Public Policy. She is also 
an experienced traveler (we met in South Africa), but has never been to 
Haiti...Can anyone offer her tips, potential contacts, or advice?

M. Neptune

I'm headed to Haiti during the last week of March and would love advice on 
good places to visit (in addition to Port-au-Prince), good places to stay 
(not too expensive), museums, good sightseeing spots, beaches... I have been 
fascinated by Haiti's history and culture for sme time and am really excited 
for my trip (I have traveled to several countries of the African Diaspora 
but have never made it to Haiti).  I am also interested in attending a vodun 
ceremony, preferably one that is not "touristic" (In Brazil several of the 
candomble ceremonies I attended seemed geared towards the tourists who 
visited).  In general I would also like any advice on traveling to Haiti - 
what to bring, wear, expect, etc.

We will also be in Santo Domingo for a few days - any advice you can offer 
on similar things I asked for Haiti would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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