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14904: Senou: Bicentennial of Haiti: HCR Website Contest (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Bicentennial of Haiti: HCR Website Contest

Oops Haiti 200 years of freedom, for this occasion HCR
is offering an exciting competition for youths and
young adults interested in Haitian culture. The prize
is Right:  Parents, what a great way to motivate your
children. All they have to do is a fun and personal
web page on Haiti with links of Haitian living in your

What does "Creolity" mean to you? Embark on a creative
and rewarding project and explore one of the multiple
facets of the Creolite world! Give your imagination a
free ride and make it a fun and rich adventure! To
share your vision of Haiti and its languages with
others, design your own web site... and, if you're the
best, win a Price

1) The general topic must be "Haiti", i.e., the
Creole-speaking world.

This page must depict one or more facets of Haiti in
an innovative and dynamic fashion.
You are free to focus on any topic, whether you are
interested in culture, history, literature, geography,
or simply everyday life in Haiti. Simply try to
illustrate what Haiti means to you, personally.
Whatever your approach, it must be personal. No
repetition of an existing site, no use of copyrighted
material is allowed, DO NOT uplift images, text, or
sound from another web site. Please use your own
drawings, pictures, digitized video-clips or even
sound bytes...

2) We will take into account:
 the quality of the page design: ease of navigation,
clarity and composition;
 the quality of the written text: from the linguistic
accuracy in Creole/French (grammar, spelling,
preciseness of the vocabulary, etc.) to the richness
and accuracy of the information presented;
 the quality of the illustrations: video-clips,
audio-clips, animation, scanned pictures and
documents, etc.;
 the number and relevance of the incorporated links;
the artistic qualities of the finished product.

3) Disks should be sent to the following address:

HCR Website Contest
Haitian Community Relations, Inc
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081

Deadline:  Sunday, June 29, 2003

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