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21156: (Arthur) New hope for Haitian art in Jacmel (fwd)

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New hope for Haitian art in Jacmel - LatinAmerica Press, 7 April 2004

by Larry Luxner in Jacmel

In early March, a few days after armed rebels forced Haitian President
Jean-Bertrand Aristide from office, vandals ransacked a Port-au-Prince art museum
and burned dozens of paintings - along with 86 rare voodoo dolls that were part
of an exhibit marking Haiti's 200th anniversary of independence.

"A lot of important works were destroyed." said prominent Haitian artist
Patrick NarBal Boucard.

Yet here in the picturesque coastal town of Jacmel, art is being created, not

On Feb. 14, just two weeks before Aristide's fall from grace, Boucard
inaugurated a contemporary, 185-square-meter (2,000-square-foot) gallery at his
evolving Centre d'Art de Jacmel. The gallery is part of a much bigger fund-raising
project aimed at keeping Haiti's rich artistic heritage alive in the face of
continuing political and economic chaos.(...)

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