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From: Sara Naab <saranaab@hotmail.com>

I have worked in higher education for a while in Haiti. I have wrestled with this question particularly when trying to set the course of the curriculum. There is the one hand, what might students have a prayer of finding decent jobs with and on the other what does the country actually need. I think these two are slightly misaligned. However, I would recommend students to become skilled and highly capable of critical thought.

Fields include -- IT, medicine, agronomy, civil and electrical engineer, urban planning, business, finance

I would additionally add that many of them should take some finance or business courses because mostly, they will need to start their own business and find a way to work their skills into the economy.

There is the problem of finding qualified teachers / professors particularly outside of Port-au-Prince. Les Cayes has tried to be an educational hub with the existence of several institutions of higher learning. However, lack of qualified staff, funding and low human capacity have contributed to the closure of several programs. I haven't been as intimately involved with institutions in Port-au-Prince, but it feels that they face similar problems.