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28782: TJPershing: (reply) Re: 28779: Nlbo (Discuss)artists, black universities, Haiti's development (fwd)

From: tjpershing@aol.com

I moved back from Cambridge to LA a year ago- and I too saw the failure of some good Haitian oriented galleries etc while we were in Cambridge. Part of the reason may be what's in- Haitian art was hot in New York and LA in the 90's, but the "scene" appears to have moved on for galleries specializing in things Haitain.

As for getting American Universities involved in promoting Haiti to their students, I will begin trying to do so with Brandeis. I believe the best route would be to get student groups at various universities to take on the project and lead the charge- if the students feel vested in the interests of Haiti through their own efforts, much can be done- T.