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28793: Evens (reply) Re: 28717: Sontaine (news) Ben Dupuy' s statement on Haiti Progres editor Kim Ives (fwd)

From: Ralph Evens <ralph3892@yahoo.com>

Here are Ben Dupuy and Kim Ives!
Each one caracterizing the other...! But, both are talking about money, graft, robbers, covert embezzlement, flagrant political maneuvres, bad faith... even mentioning dictatorship...! So everybody can appreciate their respective characters (which are the same), understand their behaviors and, at times, the base, foundations and true goals of their accusations, directed since always, against militants in emigration who didn't approve their attitudes, for the least repulsive, or, more recently, always against organizations in struggle within the country. Krey˛l pale, krey˛l konprann ! (Everybody who speaks Creole, Understands Creole!)

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