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28830: Morse (observations) from the famous porch (fwd)

_oloffsonram@aol.com_ (mailto:oloffsonram@aol.com)

1) If our friends in the Lavalas camp were truly behind the election of
President Preval, then they should give him a chance to do his job instead of
trying to micro manage from the streets with their artillery.

2) If the US sends an ambassador to Haiti who specializes in  economics, then
that should be viewed as a sign that the US wants to help Haiti  get out of
this quagmire and on to the next level of  development.

3) If the Latin American countries that make up MINUSTAH are trying to  raise
funds for development projects in Haiti, then that should be viewed as a
positive sign of friendship rather than colonialism.

4) The troubled of areas of Port-au-Prince should be momentarily isolated  so
that they don't prevent 8 million other people from getting on with their
lives. Unless of course, they have some reasonable requests that could put an
end to all the trouble..

5) It's winter now in South Africa

6) The UN says they're not responsible for carrying out law enforcement.
Well, if that's the case, then lets see some development.

7) Last year when I went swimming at LULY, the water was extremely warm.
Last year we had that disastrous hurricane season. The water doesn't feel as
warm this year, but then again, I'm not a weatherman...

8) One of the things that Lavalas had in common with the former Haitian  Army
is that they both used to love to destroy radio stations and intimidate
journalists and bands, sometimes by killing them.

9) What happened to the billion dollars that Latortue got??? Was there ever
some kind of accounting???

10) My years in Haiti tell me that building a wall between the US and  Mexico
would be stupid. Economic incentives and freedom from persecution  (political
and religious) are what trigger migration. Walls and oceans  are small

Richard Morse