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28847: Morse (reply) Potemaksonje Briarpatch (fwd)

_oloffsonram@aol.com_ (mailto:oloffsonram@aol.com)

I remember the "Briarpatch" when I was young listening to my father read
fairy tales. Amazing, now it's a newspaper.

Personally, I was happy to see "A" leave, AND I was happy to see Latorture
leave, AND I was happy to see Preval elected.

There are probably others like me, but by the same token, I have friends  who
like Charles Baker and I have friends who like your friend Mr "A". I even
know somebody who liked DeRonceray.

 I also believe that our friend "A"'s party, called Lavalas, had  a
presidential candidate and his name was Marc "Bo tab la" Bazin. His only campaign promise was the return of, your friend and mine, Mr "A". He, by the way, got very
few votes.

 Are you next going to tell me that Mr A and Jean  Dominique were still close

The "Politics of Confusion", that's what that article is all about.

Richard Morse