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28852: Minsky: (announce) Heading South is heading south--film opens in FL (fwd)

From: Tequila Minsky <tminsky@ix.netcom.com>

The film with a buzz about sex tourism is bound to wake up even the
most sleepy of conversations this summer but Heading South–Vers Le Sud
in French–is more than just about sex tourism. Those looking for sex on
screen have been disappointed.

A work where many textures exist at once, this film has different
meanings to different people. Proven to be, in part, a mirror to
viewers who see what they want to see in it, it is a film about
sexuality and desire, politics, some imperialist attitude,
dictatorship, violence, social misery for some, sexual misery for

Some of the North American women characters  aren't particularly
likeable but foreign directors don't see the necessity for the viewer
to like a character to make a good film.

Haitian born and raised Sherley Cooney identified with a very authentic
Haitian character who had a brief yet important appearance in the film,
Legba’s former Haitian girlfriend now forced-to-be mistress to a
colonel.  Cooney commented,  “The Haitian reality was so real to me it
gave me goose bumps.” She plans to see it a second time.  The film is
evocative, provoking, and reflects history and explores many Haitian

Heading South received the Cinema for Peace Award at the 2005 Venice
Film Festival.

The film is playing in 9 theatres in New York State including the
Angelika and Lincoln Plaza Theatres in Manhattan and Kew Gardens
Theatre in Queens. It’s also playing in Montclair and Rocky Hill, New
Jersey. The film is being released in 6 theaters in South Florida
August 11 and continues to open in more theatres around the country.
(For all locations:

************(link 6 theaters to this*********

Deerfield Beach, FL August 11, 2006 Deerfield Cinema 5
Del Rey Beach, FL August 11, 2006 Del Rey Square Cinemas
Gainesville, FL September 29, 2006  Hippodrome Theater
Key West, FL October 6, 2006 Tropic Cinema
N. Miami Beach, FL August 11, 2006 California Club Cinema
Orlando, FL September 15, 2006 Enzian Theater
Palm Beach, FL August 11, 2006 PGA Cinemas
Sarasota, FL September 29, 2006  Burns Court Theater
Sunrise, FL August 11, 2006  Sunrise Cinemas
Tallahassee, FL September 8, 2006  Regal Miracle Theaters