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28869: David (reply) Stanley Lucas (fwd) # 28848 (fwd)

From: David Craft craftdavi@yahoo.com

Mr. Lucas' article "Haiti Hopeless Youth Fertile Ground for Terrorists" is at best fraught with religious and racial (self) hatred.

"The U.S. has been consistently confounded by how to deal with the challenges
of Haitian despots.
Richard Nixon had no problem sending Nelson Rockefeller to embrace François Duvalier publicly before throngs of students and peasants bussed manu militari by the despot to express their devotion to him.

"The recent indictment of the "homegrown terrorists" in Miami, which included one
Haitian national in the U.S. illegally and two here legally, sheds light on a
growing dynamic in Haiti that requires added attention from policy makers and
voters alike."
Mr. Lucas, we are more than 12 million people. Are you going to tell the world that the action of 3 misguided guys is reflective of the people at large? When your uncle Dieumaitre Lucas appeared years ago on Haitian TV to boast having killed "1000 communists" -who were in reality peasants-, was (is) it fair to say that all Haitians are killers?

  There is a generation of leaders in Haiti's government that is a product of
the Cold War having received heavy indoctrination and training by Eastern
European Communists in the 1970s.  These leaders have a deep and often
disguised hatred for the United States.
Get to the point: most of those folks you speak of (Preval included) studied in Belgium.
Are you suggesting that Belgium is a former eastern European country?

" In the late 1990s, the same Haitian extremists joined forces with the
Pakistani military and Muslims who were looking for a foothold in the country
by building mosques throughout Haiti and providing scholarships to the
madrassas in Pakistan.  Further, Palestinian extremists, naturalized in Haiti,
also aligned with this faction and offered access to an international network
and financial resources to the growing movement."
Are you suggesting that one or two mosques in Haiti makes the country the bulwark of terrorism in the region? So according to Stanley Lucas, all Muslims are terrorists?

" Disappointingly, Preval's return to power signals more of the same."
There you go again. For the past two years, you were hibernating (where? Afghanistan?), now you're back at what you do best. Your mission in life.

Destabilizing Aristide -who really did the job to himself by squandering the trust of those who believed in him-, does not necessarily make you an authority on Haitian affairs. Mr. Lucas, unless you're looking for a new job (By the way, what was your real role at the International Republican Institute?), why on earth would you spew such a piece of trash?


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