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28873: Morse (ask) Sprague re Jean Dominique (fwd)


I'm not sure I saw your response to the Jean Dominique/Brignor question in your response to the fellow from RSF. But then again, didn't expect one.

I don't ever recall anyone trying to claim that the Latortue government was legal. It was simply a transitional government and I believe it was called that.

Funny, I never hear anyone call the government before Latortue's government a legal government, they just call it "legally elected". "Legally elected" if you refrain from looking at the whole voting process, by the way.

Mr Sprague, If your life ambition is to get into political spin, law, or propaganda, I think you're doing a great job. If your life ambition is to get to fundamental truths in order to help people in Haiti, then I think you're kidding yourself.

Lets talk about gangs and the role they played in the government that existed before Latortue's government.... That legally elected government you love to praise as the beacon of democracy....
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