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28888: Re: 28879: Morse-Corbett -- John Black adds (fwd)

From: John Black <johnmackenzieblack@yahoo.com>

It's against Bob's excellent rules to litter the list with a lot of "I agree" posts. But, when it's been said so well, the temptation to try and slip a simple "amen" by the moderator is intense! So, I'll weaken my message with some more verbiage.

Richard always hits the nail on the head with a minimum of words. I marveled at this once. His reaction (essentially) was: "I'm a song writer, John. That's what we do." Proving my point. Bob . . . my apologies, but I always agree with what you say, and would say it myself were my language skills a little better.

  Richard's post, and Bob's, are music to these ears.

For many years, it has been my plan to retire in Haiti. Lately, I've been wondering whether I'll ever see her again. I'm not the squeamish type. Been there many, many times under all sorts of conditions. Had a gun pointed at me more than once. But this kidnapping crap is different. Very different.

Usually I'm the pacifist type. Leftie, pro-ACLU, anti-NRA - never even let my kid watch Saturday cartoons because they celebrate violence. But, when someone on this list invited suggestions for travelers, I found myself muttering: "Don't go. And, if you do go, take a gun - and shoot to kill." Dying for a cause is one thing. Even killing for a cause. But threaten my life for a measly couple thousand? Now I'm pissed!

Scares me this crap even passes through my head. These bastards are not only ruining Haiti - they're ruining me! And, million-after-million, year-after-year, nobody is doing anything about it.

As much as Iove Haiti, there are other places to see - even frontiers. Even wonderful new art. So, selfishly, I've been saddened by all this news. And discouraged for Haiti too. I mean, if someone like me is unwilling to go, it's hard to imagine . . .

  Well, I don't know.

Anyway, along comes the fresh breeze in Richard's post - and I start to hope again. Port Salute - and let's not fix the road to P-au-P. Perfect! Trouble is: I can't shake all these wonderful memories of, and longing for, another night at LeLambi, Boutilliers, LeSelect, Chez Gerard . . . and yes, the tiles and temptations of the Olaffson veranda.

  John Black

Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu> wrote:

From: Dan Craig

Thank you, Richard, for sharing your experiences. The problem is that
for those of us who would like to see Haiti as you describe it, we would
have to pass through Port-au-Prince, and thus deal with its current

Not to mention that we wouldn't want to miss stopping by the Oloffson,
preferably on a Thursday evening.


Corbett adds, or rather agrees -- I was thinking the same two things on my
walk today after Richard's note, then the three or four that followed it
with such wonderful things to say about other areas.

I was trying to figure how to avoid P-a-P altogether, but most of all
regretted missing a few days at the Oloffson, one of my favorite places in
the world. And the food...., and the veranda in the evenings... and so
much more.



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