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28914: Benson: Comment RE: 28587: Labrom report on Tourism Summit in Miami (fwd)

From: Legrace Benson <lgbenson@cbs.ucsb.edu>

Comment: Patrick Delatour notes lack of trained hotel personnel.  Although
that is not a root cause of drop in tourism, it can be a significant factor
in rebuilding.  There is a fairly large number of Haitians who are alumni of
Cornell University, and Cornell has one of the very top-rated hotel schools
in the world.  There is an undergraduate as well as graduate program.  There
are also people in Ithaca who would be willing to provide very low cost
housing to a Haitian student enrolled in one of the several hospitality
programs.  Is there a way to put the pieces together to get at least one
Haitian student enrolled and completing a hotel management (now called
"hospitality management")program?  Factors to consider: it's COLD in Ithaca;
Cornell is very expensive (but worth it in long run). Any practical

LeGrace Benson
Arts of Haiti Research Project