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28924: Pershing (reply) Re: 28914: Benson: Comment RE: 28587: Labrom report on Tourism Summit in Miami (fwd)

From: tjpershing@aol.com

Why not bring the experts to Haiit for an intensive two week course for a few dozen of the industries top people (including younger college grads looking to get into the biz). This could be arranged for the winter break period (not hard to get people from Ithica to the Carribean in January) the instructors could include students as facilitators or teaching assistants. This way the "experts" get a chance to see the Haitian reality and adjust accordingly- as a plus, they could recommend one or two promising attendees for further long term training. I'd say the best place to do this would be Cap or Jacmel, with a stopover for a one day session for people in PaP (also for a day of visiting the facilities in PaP). Tim